About Us

Funding isn’t all for a crypto project to grow. At Polka Road, we believe what matters the maximum amount nearly as good funding is that the support of a robust, supporting, and interesting community. A community that believes the maximum amount within the project as does the team that backs it. Our belief within the power of community was the rationale we founded the Polka Road.

We are strong supporters of Web3 and therefore the right to preserve user privacy regardless of what regulations they’re subject to. we all know and believe this is often the longer term of crowdfunding and every one among our community members deserves a spot within the new way forward for finance. and that we give them that chance by allowing them to fund decentralized projects anonymously and do their part in supporting the project’s growth through social engagement. This, we are sure, will give every innovative project and Polka Road a foothold.

Polka Road will empower you to participate in IDO projects through existing pools and obtain private access to IDOs cherry-picked by the Due Diligence team. you’ll also subscribe to be the primary to understand what projects are next on the road on Polka Road and swap tokens via smart contracts that our awesome developers coded.