New Decentralized NFT IDO, CrossChain Exchange Platform Between BSC to SOL Blockchain.

PolkaRoad is a NFT IDO Platform and Crosschain Exchange Between BSC Chain to Solana Chain in which user can trade and exchange there bep20 tokens into solanachain and trade there nfts.

PolkaRoad Features


Your cryptocurrency is fully controlled and safe in your own crypto wallet and trades your crypto wallet-to-wallet.


User can trade, exchange there nfts between bsc and sol chain.

Ultra High Performance

Ultra-smooth, fast and simple interface easy to use.

Cross Bridge

Tokes Cross Exchange Between Sol x Bsc.

PolkaRoad Token

  • Total Supply21,000,000 PRD
  • Tokens UnlockLiquidity: 1,000,000 PRD
  • Smart Contract0xbf85f5f4097c0a64b09f931936c9fc83447b8176